PalmMSN for Palm OS

Communicate with your MSN contacts from your Palm PDA

PalmMSN follows the MSN Messenger protocol from Microsoft meaning that now you can use your Palm to comunicate with your MSN Buddies whenever you want, wherever you are.

Basic functionality is implemented so that you can send and recieve messages to any MSN client compliant with Microsof't MSN Messeneger protocol.

The current features PalmMSN currently supports are:

  • You can send and recieve messages to and from your online contacts.
  • Add and delete contacts
  • Change your screen name
  • Change your status
  • Insert time stamps in your messages
  • Play sounds as messages arrive
  • Reply by selecting in a message on the main window.
  • Ability to keep connection alive
  • Send and recieve Typing events
  • Block and unblock users

PalmMSN was developed in Java so that it can also be used by other Java enabled devices like mobile phones.

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PalmMSN 0.14

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